Bhutan was featured on CNN. The new article highlights on what the world can learn from the country on its ability to be a net carbon sink. Juergen Nagler
A new report launched by the Department of Local Governance, yesterday, with the support of UNDP and UN Environment outlines the opportunities to improve the current fiscal decentralization framework.
GEF-SGP Project Proposals Call for Lower Zhemgang
In Bhutan today, that relationship between the natural landscape and the happiness of people’s lives is profound
With SDG 15 on ‘Life on Land’ as a Royal Government priority, the UNDP-led BIOFIN project kicks off in the world’s only ‘carbon-negative’ nation.
At age 11, Dorji Youngten was among the top ten students in his class and dreamt of becoming an army captain. A life before drugs and alcohol.

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