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The United Nations in Montenegro comprises five resident agencies (UNDP, UNICEF, UNHCR, WHO, IOM) and seven regionally based UN organizations (FAO, UNEP, UNESCO, UNIDO, UN Women and IAEA), with UNDP assuming the role of lead coordinator. These agencies work together to deliver a range of development services to the government and its citizens.

Jointly they implement a UN reform at the national level called Delivering as One, outlined in the Integrated UN Programme 20120-2016. The “Delivering as One” is coordinated by the United Nations Country Team which focuses on three key priorities: social inclusion, democratic governance and sustainable economic development and environmental protection. Within such framework, the UN System merges its capacities, expertise and comparative advantages with the ones of the Government and national and international partners.

After three years of implementation, the Delivering as One in Montenegro resulted in concrete joint efforts to:

  • Find durable solutions for displaced persons from neighbouring countries, such as the Sarajevo Process aimed to close the refugee chapter regarding conflicts of 90’s;
  • Ensure child protection, social inclusion and create opportunities for the most vulnerable groups;
  • Address challenges of people with disabilities, both children and adults;
  • Support good governance across the system and strengthen the variety of national capacities to foster EU accession;
  • Support governance in the health sector and strengthen mental health system;
  • Support development of green economy and business clusters;
  • Respond to climate change and disaster risk reduction.

The UN agencies assist the country during natural disasters. During the snowstorm in February and March 2012, they jointly supported the most affected population in three northern municipalities. In July 2012, when massive fire destroyed the homes of roughly 800 residents of the Konik 1 refugee camp in Podgorica, UN agencies got actively engaged in the recovery of the camp.

The Resident Coordinator System encompasses all participating organizations of the UN System regardless of their formal presence in the country. The Resident Coordinator, who is funded and managed by UNDP, leads the UN Country Team Montenegro and is a designated representative of the Secretary-General for development operations. The UN Coordination Office facilitates inter-agency coordination, communication and collaboration.

Within the Delivering as One, the UNDP convenes/chairs several working groups: the Democratic Governance Pillar Working Group, the Sustainable Economic Development & Environmental Protection Pillar Working Group, and the Working Group on Gender and Human Rights. Also, UNDP contributes to the work of the Operations Management Team, the Social Inclusion Pillar, the Monitoring & Evaluation Task Force and the HIV/AIDS Thematic Group. Moreover, through active contribution of UNDP’s two communications professionals to the Joint Communications Team, UNDP plays an important role in synchronizing communications and advocacy policy of the UN System in Montenegro, aimed at strengthening coherent UN image and unified UN voice in the country.

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