The report on business barriers identified through the "No Barriers! So Business Doesn’t Wait" campaign

11 May 2016


The report on business barriers identified through the No Barriers! So Business Doesn’t Wait campaign, was developed within the framework of the Cutting Red Tape – Public Administration Tailored to the Needs of Citizens and Businesses project, implemented by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in cooperation with the Ministry of Finance, financially supported by the UK Embassy in Montenegro. The idea for the project was designed in collaboration with the South East European Association of Public Communicators (SEECOM), modelled against the UK Red Tape Challenge project.


Within this project an online platform was established, used by the business community between November 2015 and March 2016 to indicate the problems they encounter in their business operation. Using the platform, the interested parties with first-hand experience were given the opportunity to recognise and report the hurdles they encounter when launching a business or in business operation, with the aim of identifying and eliminating cumbersome and time-consuming procedures or business barriers in public administration, focusing on the local level.


The report sums up the barriers identified and gives suggestions for consideration of the Council for Improving the Business Environment, Regulatory and Structural Reforms. It is expected that the Council and the Government of Montenegro, within their respective remits, will recommend pursuing adequate measures. The ultimate goal of the project is for the Government, local self-governments and other competent institutions to undertake specific steps to, where possible, eliminate the deficiencies observed in regulations and in administrative procedures.

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