The Western Balkans Environmental Programme: Final Report 2007-2010

01 Oct 2013


This publication is a summary of the results achieved and works conducted in each of the six countries/territories of the Western Balkans and on the regional level in the period of its implementation: September 2007 to September 2010, comparing the baseline situation in each of the programme constituents with the situation at the closing period of the programme.


  • Clean-up - remediation works in eleven environmental high-priority hot spots in the region.
  • Capacity development - Promoting the necessity for countries/territories to move from legislation to implementation in protecting the environment and managing natural resources.
  • Capacity development - Demonstrating concrete results of the benefits of good environmental management to local communities through concrete demonstration projects.
  • Public awareness raising - environmental data collection in order to enable countries/territories to adopt, implement and/or enforce policies and legislation in an effective and efficient manner.

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  • The Western Balkans Environmental Programme: Final Report 2007-2010