Cluster Mapping of the Durmitor Region

13 Dec 2011


The report serves as a demographic and socio-economic assessment of Montenegro’s Northern ‘Durmitor Region’ which includes the Municipalities of Pljevlja, Plužine, Žabljak, Šavnik and Mojkovac. It provides a general overview of the region, its processing systems and of the policy framework available for improving its socio-economic status. Cluster mapping which matches each territory with several production factors is provided in the last section. The fact that the region has good potential for development is made evident through this assessment.


  • Providing an overview of the policy framework for socio-economic development in the Durmitor Region.
  • Documenting cluster mapping and processing systems of Durmitor Region territories.
  • Providing recommendations for further socio-economic development of the Durmitor Region.

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