Diagnostic Study - Sawn Timber Cluster

05 Dec 2011


The report serves as an assessment and overview of Montenegro’s forest resources in terms of production use and value.  As tree logs can be turned into a fairly wide range of products, this publication presents several "value-added" steps involved in the production process of sawn timber, specifically in the Municipality of Mojkovac. Based on the overall assessment, it is concluded that support for the development of this specific cluster would have primarily an impact on employment, which could increase the living standard of people who work in the cluster companies.


  • Outlining the Montenegrin forest resources, their production process, seasonality and value chain.
  • Documenting the strength, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT) analysis of ‘production of sawn timber’ in Mojkovac.
  • Providing recommendations for further development of the ‘production of sawn timber’ cluster.

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