The Second Annual Report on the Implementation of the Millennium Development Goals in Montenegro - 2012

01 Mar 2013


Montenegro committed to implement the eight Millennium Goals and to monitor their implementation on an annual level. In order to honour these commitments the Government of Montenegro adopted in 2010 the Mid-Term Report on the implementation of the Millennium Development Goals in Montenegro as the basic document that defined the targets within the goals in line with the national circumstances. This has become the basis for the annual monitoring of the implementation. Thus, in December 2011, the Government adopted the First Annual Report on the Implementation of the Millennium Development Goals, which provided background information and presented the status in the implementation of the eight goals, as well as recommendations for facing the challenges in their implementation. Findings of The First Annual Report showed that Montenegro had already implemented the goal 5 and that it will implement the goals 1, 2, 4, 6 and 8 very soon, but that there are still some areas where it is unlikely that the agreed targets will be met within the envisaged deadline.


  • The most significant challenges in the implementation of the defined goals and targets have been identified in the goals 1 (poverty), 3 (gender equality) and 7 (sustainability of environment).
  • Implementation of the goals should be linked more closely to the process and requirements of European integration and capacity building that will be a part of it.
  • Drafting of the next report should take into account the work on the definition of the UN development agenda for the period after 2015, as well as the conclusions of the newly established group for preparing the Sustainable Development Goals.

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