MDG Progress Report 2013

30 Sep 2013


This report provides answers to the following questions: what is the impact of the Millennium Development Goals on the country’s development policies, particularly in the context of accession to the EU; what is required to accelerate and maintain the achievement of the MDGs in the long run; how can Montenegro achieve synergy between MDGs and the European Agenda; and what is the Montenegrin contribution to defining the global and national post-2015 development agenda. Montenegro is well on track to achieve the Millennium Development Goals, except for MDGs 1, 3 and 7 (poverty reduction, gender equality and environmental sustainability). Additional efforts will be required to achieve MDG 2 (coverage of vulnerable groups) and MDG 6 (rate of mortality caused by chronic non-communicable diseases).


  • MDG 1 (Poverty Reduction) will not be achieved by 2015. Almost half of the population of the north of Montenegro is poor, as is most of the rural population.
  • Montenegro is lagging behind in all key indicators of MDG 3 (Gender Equality), particularly in the unemployment rate and in the number of women mayors.
  • MDG 5 (Improving Maternal Health) has already been achieved.

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