Survey about Women entrepreneurship in Montenegro

01 Dec 2011


Montenegro is characterized by an unequal position of women in exercising their economic and social rights. Despite the fact that an increasing percentage of women acquire higher education, the status of women in the labour market is worse than the status of men, especially in terms of availability of managerial functions, particularly in the fields of politics and self-employment. The survey provides analysis of the legal framework and an overview of educational programmes for development of women entrepreneurship; it also looks into demography, obstacles, motives and challenges in the domain of women entrepreneurship.


  • Among employed Montenegrins, women have higher educational attainment level than men: 31.4% of the employed women have tertiary (college or university) education, compared to 21% of male population with the same level of education.
  • Just 9% of women in Montenegro possess their own business, compared to 21% of men. At the same time only 5% of women in Montenegro own some property.
  • In terms of income, female population receives 86% of income that male population receives. The worst situation is in processing industry, where salaries of female employees do not reach even 70% of salaries of male employees.

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