Survey about Attitudes towards Women in Politics in Montenegro

01 Jun 2012


The survey examines attitudes, opinions and perceptions of the position of women in politics, and it aims to provide better understanding of how the most important social and political actors perceive the status of women in Montenegrin politics. The survey provides: 1) Analysis of legal framework and the existing mechanisms for participation of women in politics, review and comparison with other countries; 2) Evaluation of the general population’s understanding of the role and position of women in politics; 3) Assessment of motivation of women who actively participate in politics and barriers which they face in private and professional life; 4) Review of (differences in) impact of the same political messages presented by men and women.


  • According to the percentage of women in parliament Montenegro holds the 99th place in the world.
  • In comparison to the average percentage of women in parliaments across the world (19.6%) Montenegro is below the world average with 13.6%. Among the ex-Yugoslav countries, Montenegro occupies the next-to-last place behind Bosnia and Herzegovina (21.4%), Croatia (23.8%), Macedonia (30.9%), Slovenia (32.2%) and Serbia (32.4%).
  • Out of 17 ministers in the Government of Montenegro, only two are women (Minister of Defense and Minister of Science).
  • On a personal level, citizens are willing to accept a woman president or prime minister, but they don’t believe that Montenegrin public is ready to make such a step forward.

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