Assistant Resident Representative and Social Inclusion Team Leader

Mr. Miodrag Dragišić

Areas of work: Social inclusion and protection of vulnerable groups

Miodrag Dragišić is Assistant Resident Representative and is in charge of the Social Inclusion Team at UNDP Montenegro, a portfolio of projects and programs dealing with social inclusion/exclusion, gender equality and health. The main goal of the Social Inclusion Cluster is to promote human development in Montenegro by providing support to the Government of Montenegro, local authorities and civil society organizations (CSOs) in evidence based policy making, improved social and health services provision and by promoting advancement of women.

As Assistant Resident Representative Mr. Dragišić acts as an advisor to Senior Management on all aspects of CO programme, leads the programme team in strategic planning and identifies new programme areas. He is responsible for overall management of the country programme portfolio. Within the framework of the Integrated UN Programme Results Matrix, Assistant Resident Representative represents UNDP at the UN Country Team and ensures consistency of UNDP activities with the UN Integrated Programme, while providing creative responses to emerging challenges and opportunities.

As the Social Inclusion Team Leader, Miodrag’s main task is to coordinate activities within the Cluster, facilitate partnership building with Government, CSOs, donors and other international organizations. Given the team members’ substantial expertise in the areas of social, health and gender policy, his role is to create high performing climate which enables the Social Inclusion Team’s potential to be effectively utilized.

Miodrag’s main area of expertise is connected to conceptualization of specific project/programmes concerning socially disadvantaged groups of society (Roma, persons with disabilities), which, among others, includes activities such as desk researches, policy and social-economic data analyses, developing project/programme interventions, win-win solutions and developing framework of cooperation, putting up a structure for effective implementation of designed programmatic intervention, as well as coaching, advice support and monitoring of project/programme implementation. Miodrag also provides policy advice to the senior management of UNDP in the areas of social policy, human development and specific /targeted vulnerable groups’ actions. The Social Inclusion Team supports the broader UN agenda in Montenegro by contributing towards UN Delivering as One through the Social Inclusion Pillar of the UN.

Studies: Master’s degree in environmental protection and ecology; Bachelor’s degree in economics from the University of Montenegro

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