Democratic Governance

  • Support to Montenegro’s EU accessionSupport to Montenegro’s EU accessionThe objective of the project is to enhance capacities of the Government of Montenegro and in particular of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and EU Integration to efficiently implement foreign policy priorities and coordinate the overall EU accession negotiations process.

  • Developing local governance capacitiesDeveloping local governance capacitiesUNDP supports the ongoing decentralization reform in Montenegro by strengthening the inter-municipal cooperation, municipal assemblies and municipal capacities for effective development of human resources.

  • Montenegro demilitarizationMontenegro demilitarizationMONDEM project helps Montenegro safely dispose of surplus ammunition and create a safe, sustainable and rationalized military arsenal.

  • Strengthening capacities of the Ministry of JusticeStrengthening capacities of the Ministry of JusticeUNDP in Montenegro is helping the country with the capacity building of the Ministry of Justice since 2009. The aim is to contribute to the achievement of an efficient, effective and transparent system, which is able to manage and implement its challenging mandate.

  • Increasing citizens engagementIncreasing citizens engagementThe project will focus on advancing conditions for enhanced citizens’ participation in: a) policy making by means of electronic petitions and social media; b) curbing grey economy, c) enhancing government’s transparency and accountability by using social media and social innovation.

  • Integrated local developmentIntegrated local developmentIn the context of EU integration and of the ongoing decentralization reform, local governments' responsibilities are becoming increasingly more important and versatile. UNDP is actively supporting local self-government units as the main catalyst and crucial players in order to assure the success and effective achievement of the two processes.


Advancing democratic society through strengthening rule of law, transparency and accountability of institutions with greater citizen participation.

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