Strengthening capacities of the Ministry of European Affairs


Objective of the project is to assist, advise and support EU accession negotiations through strengthening the capacities of the newly established Ministry of European Affairs (MEA) in responding to the demands of the new phases of accession especially in areas of policy planning and coordination. The focus of the project is the Ministry of European Affairs and enhancing and strengthening its capacity to fulfil new responsibilities for coordination of Montenegrin public policies to enhance compliance and implementation, scanning for relevance of upcoming European policies and plans, as well as improving internal and external government coordination in relation to accession priorities.   

What is the project about?

The anticipated results of the project are:

1.         Internal (functional and technical) capacities of the MEA improved, resulting in more efficient performance of the Ministry;

2.         Capacities of MEA dealing with the EU accession negotiations improved;

3.         Improved system for efficient public policy coordination; and

4.         Capacities for the implementation of Acquis strengthened.


  1. Undertake strategic planning exercise with the Ministry to help define priorities and goals in the Ministry Strategic Plan 2018-2020 and align staff set up and organization to achieve it.
  2. Provide expert support to develop internal procedures within the Ministry including (i) facilitate working process; (ii) revision of internal procedures to gain full efficiency in coordination of the process; (iii) work on development of the of the internal coordination and functioning that should later on be included in the existing government Electronic Document Management System and intranet info system.
  3. Review the existing organizational and operational arrangements within the Government and prepare a detailed analysis with the aim to identify potential capacity gaps and suggest areas of improvement when it comes to coordination and functioning of the EU accession process.
  4. Analyse the existing framework of public policy planning with the aim of enhancing policy coordination and streamlining sector strategies in function of a more efficient EU integration. Develop basic elements of the regulatory framework for improving the quality of strategic planning documents with focus on the minimum quality criteria, that will enable MEA to issue opinions on their content .

Who finances it?

Donor Name Amount contributed
Government of Norway
EUR 343,245.60

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