Beautiful Cetinje


Refurbished Music Academy in CetinjeRefurbished Music Academy in Cetinje. Photo: UN in Montenegro / Vlatko Otašević

Cetinje, the old Montenegrin royal capital, also known as the "City of museums‟, holds great potential for growth of cultural and nature-based tourism. The public spaces of Cetinje, including its streets, plazas, parks, public buildings and institutions have a great potential to become major destinations and engines of economic life, attracting and supporting both residents and tourists. Nonetheless, the impediments to development continue to include the 18% unemployment rate (compared to the 12% at the national level); numerous immovable monuments of culture which require significant renovation and adaptation; and the energy inefficient infrastructure, which results in high maintenance costs, posing a problem to the upkeep of Cetinje’s cultural heritage.

What is the project about?

The Beautiful Cetinje project deals with economic revitalization of the old royal capital through urban reconstruction of the cultural heritage with energy efficient considerations, provision of vocational trainings, support to small businesses and encouragement of green design ideas and innovations in the overall urban development. Activities are organized around three general objectives:

Goal 1 - Supporting low carbon development:The first aim of this project is supporting the low carbon development through regenerating urban environment and revalorizing buildings of historical and cultural importance by implementing energy efficiency measures.

Goal 2 - Enhancing employment generation: The second set of activities is directed towards enhancing employment generation by increasing employability of the hard to employ ones through vocational trainings (creating craft workers specialized for reconstruction of buildings that are part of cultural heritage) and by creating new jobs. The project will also strive to encourage small and medium enterprises and self-employment, through support to “green-business” and “greening” the existing business.

Goal 3 - Encouraging green design ideas and innovations in overall urban development: The third objective of this project is to promote green development in order to make the running costs of urban development more reasonable and energy efficient.

What have we accomplished so far?

  • Reconstructed the main city square – King’s Nikola square;
  • Retrofitted the Music Academy building;
  • Started activities on the reconstruction of square in Njegusi;
  • Started activities on retrofitting the old hospital “Danilo I”;
  • Started activities on reconstruction of the damaged roof of the Academy of Arts;
  • Trained ten unemployed people from Cetinje for energy efficient retrofits;
  • Implemented two green design ideas in urban development in Cetinje – design for reconstruction of the old green market in historical core of Cetinje, and design for urban improvement and evaluation of Vrtjeljka hill;
  • Organized student competitions for urban development of the Student’s square;
  • Reconstructed the damaged roof on Academy of Arts building;
  • Developed main technical design and finished reconstruction of 3 streets at the entrance to Cetinje;
  • Developed main technical design for 2 park areas in the central zone of Cetinje (Njegos park and 13th July park); and
  • Developed main design for retrofitting of the ex-Russian Embassy and started reconstruction works.

Who finances it?

Donor Name

Amount contributed

Old Royal Capital Cetinje

USD 5,095,490


USD    115,000


USD 5,210,490

Delivery in previous fiscal years

December 2014 USD 1,494,383
December 2013 USD    500,000

December 2012

USD    155,000

December 2011

USD    870,000

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