Development of ICT for outdoor destinations


 Photo: UNDP in Montenegro

Due to unfavorable economic conditions in the border region of Croatia and Montenegro, there has been limited investment in the past to promote the exceptional natural and cultural values of this area. On both sides of the border, there is a need to develop human resources and provide locally based trainings in the provision of tourism related services. The region also lacks a consistent marketing approach and brand identity, and has underdeveloped distribution and communication channels that could be strengthened by improving usage of new information and communication technologies.

At the same time, tourism and the related services are the main inputs for economic development of the area. These services represent the highest share in regional GDP. Tourism related services employ the highest number of people, therefore it is essential to broaden the spectra of services, prolong tourist season and offer higher quality of services based on authentic local products, tradition and culture.

What is the project about?

The project will stimulate local economy in the cross-border area through bringing together private and public sector in the field of tourism and leveraging new technologies to design user-centric tourism services.

In particular, the project will concentrate on following specific activities, amongst other:

  • Joint marketing initiatives, (improve usage of ICT in marketing efforts and inter-cluster cooperation strengthening);
  • Quality improvement schemes (qualification of activity instructors, guides and rescue service providers);
  • Joint tourism promotion and marketing initiatives, including in particular initiatives to promote cross-border regional identity as a tourist area: promotion activities such as preparation and distribution of information and promotional materials on the cross border area and its products, joint participation at tourism fairs, public awareness activities and information services to the local businesses and communities;
  • Improvement of safety standards in both countries in order to assure better international recognition of high quality outdoor tourism products.

Due to the creation of local/regional instructors, the ability to repeat training activities in the future will also be enabled and in fact is a key aspect of the projects sustainability. The project’s developments will also act as real and electronic platform to enable cross sector cluster from all involved clusters to align the content of their programmes with the needs of the market on an ongoing basis as a clear best case practice example.

Expected project results are:

  • Improved capacity for trail management and rescue services;
  • Established ICT information system, (Geoportal and 2 mobile applications) for real time data acquisition and consumer information;
  • Improved safety and instructional capacities;
  • Joint tourism product promoted internationally.

Since this is a multi-partner project, UNDP formalized cooperation with National Tourism Organization and Mountain Rescue Service of Montenegro, while Croatian partners are Mountain Rescue Service of Croatia and Chamber of Commerce – Dubrovnik County Office.

The project is co-financed by the European Union through the Instrument for Pre-Accession, specifically the Cross Border Cooperation Programme between Montenegro and Croatia.

What have we accomplished so far?

Improvement of human resources:

  • 7 certified instructors for sea kayaking from local clubs and associations. The certification is regionally recognized, according to the British Canoe Union “star” certification system.   
  • 8 members of Mountain Rescue Service in Montenegro obtained International Trauma Life Support (ITLS) instructors’ certificates. This is initial creation of first aid in mountains instructors’ basis, which will continue to improve safety standards in tourism offer of Montenegro.
  • 15 tourism agencies, tour operators and local associations are gathered in first outdoor tourism cluster in Montenegro. The same structure will be established in Croatia.

Improvement of technical capacities:

  • ten sets of equipment were delivered to Mountain Rescue Service, mostly related to the personal equipment and specialized devices for heavily accessible places
  • hiking trails scanned with GPS and data inserted in e-platforms database (total of 50km(
  • fifty-five signs and info tables posted along Adriatic Transversal

Promotion of the integrated outdoor destination:

  • Geoportal developed
  • 2 mobile applications for destination promotion posted online; download from google play/apple store: “Adriatic Adventure”
  • Study tour of 4 French tour operators to the destination conducted 


Who finances it?

Donor name

Amount contributed

European Union

USD 277,000


USD   54,000


USD 331,000

Delivery in previous fiscal years

December 2014 USD 161,804
December 2013 
USD 108,667