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The project “Capacity building for integration of global environmental commitments in investment/development decision” is created with the aim to analyze, identify, and pilot advanced tools and practices for the management of environmental information and compliance monitoring of the national implementation of the Rio Conventions. 

The project is intended to develop national capacities to collect and analyze data and information against the metrics of global environmental indicators, and integrate these within national sustainable development and environmental decision-making processes. 

What is the project about?

The overall goal of this Project is to initiate a systematic and sustainable approach to assessing global environmental achievements through the implementation of national policies, programs and plans. This outcome will be achieved through the fulfillment of two separate goals:

Goal 1: Develop the Global Environmental Management Indicators. Activities directed at achieving this goal include the development and pilot of an indicator-based Environmental Management Information System (EMIS) for measuring, reporting, and verifying (MRV) environmental management in Montenegro. Also, the system will serve for identifying and developing a set of internationally-recognized criteria and indicators to assess policies, programs and plans within the context of global environmental obligations as framed by the three Rio Conventions.

Goal 2:  Institutionally strengthen the monitoring of the global environment and improve the capacities to replicate successful environmental information management and integration practices. This Goal encompasses supporting the institutional capacity building to enable the mainstreaming of global environmental commitments into planning and compliance monitoring processes. 

What have we accomplished so far?

  • The national list of environmental indicators developed.
  • Bylaw on national list of environmental indicators developed and adopted.
  • Indicator based State of the Environment report developed and approved.
  • Design of the Environmental Management Information System developed and IT platform for air, water and soil developed.
  • Use of new technologies for real time monitoring of environmental indicators (air quality and locating waste dumps) piloted.
  • International conference on utilization of new technologies for environmental monitoring organized (#ICT4ENV).
  • Assessment on the IT system for Environmental Protection Agency of Montenegro completed, as entry analysis for national Environmental Management Information System financed by EU
  • Development of web based Document Management System (DMS) initiated, for 5 institutions: Environmental Protection Agency, Ministry of Sustainable Development and Tourism, Institute for Hydrometeorology and Seismology, Center for Ecotoxicological Researches and Institute for Marine Biology
  • Establishment of Pollen Monitoring system initiated
  • Equipping of national Herbarium exhibition space initiated
  • Delineation of the Moraca River watershed area initiated     


Who finances it?

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December 2014 USD 146,053
December 2013 USD 147,998

December 2012

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December 2011

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