Strengthening sustainability of protected areas


Kayaking on Tara RiverKayaking on Tara River. Photo: UNDP in MOntenegro.

The protection of Montenegro’s outstanding biodiversity is partially addressed through a system of protected areas covering some 7.88% of the territory. However, at present, the Protected Area System (PAS) of Montenegro is not in condition to achieve an effective safeguarding of the country’s biodiversity.

UNDP project “Strengthening the sustainability of the protected area system of Montenegro“ will contribute to achieving environmental benefits by mitigating the current biodiversity threats in at least 108,866 ha of protected areas of Montenegro. This will be done by overcoming the barriers that prevent the effective management of the terrestrial protected area system, extending and enhancing the protection status by at least 21,000 ha and creating the conditions necessary for the establishment of a new Marine Protected Area in Montenegro.

What is the project about?

This project’s overall objective is to develop institutional capacities to design, plan and manage a more representative system of protected areas. These activities will be aimed towards attaining two goals:

Goal 1: Expand and rationalize the protected area system to ensure better habitat representation and more conservation security. Within this goal, a protected area gap assessment will be completed, resulting in a comprehensive plan for a representative protected area system. The ecological values and management arrangements of existing protected areas will be revalidated. Part of this goal is to establish the Regional Park Komovi and conduct a feasibility assessment and agreed designation plan for establishing a Marine Protected Area in Platamuni.

Goal 2: Strengthen institutional capacities to effectively manage a more representative protected area system. Under this goal, activities will aim at creation of a geospatial database and establishment of a decision-support system. Also, the aim is to review the management and governance options for protected areas, work on developing the protected area staff’s skills, and ensure the involvement and beneficiation of local communities once the Komovi Regional Park is established.

What have we accomplished so far?

  • Prepared protection studies for proclamation of areas of Komovi, Piva (Bioc – Volujak – Maglic) and Dragisnjica-Komarnica as regional nature parks;
  • Helped improve legal framework for functioning of National Parks by supporting amendments to the Law on National Parks;
  • Designed Environmental Information System for the Environmental Protection Agency of Montenegro;
  • Conducted gap assessment, as a precondition for developing the planning framework for the establishment of a long-term ecologically representative protected areas system;
  • Supported business clusters in proximity of protected areas and addressed the untapped potentials through development of new services or improving the existing ones;
  • Supported establishment of educational programmes in protected area management and rural development, with emphasis on financial planning and management of protected areas;
  • Established programme for vocational training for Rangers in protected areas;
  • Developed Management plans for future Regional parks Piva and Komovi;
  • Coordinated process of establishment of future Regional parks Piva and Komovi;
  • Information system for Public Enterprise National Parks developed and functional,
  • Analysis of internal business procedures was done and based on that recommendations set of a new internal procedures is developed and internal control mechanisms are established,
  • Revised management options and ecological value for protected areas
  • Coordinated process of feasibility assessment for marine protected area of Platamuni
  • Support to local business and NGOs to develop new products or update existing ones in order to promote development potentials of the PAs (supported 12 initiative targeting 6 NGOs and 18 business).

Who finances it?

Donor Name

Amount contributed


USD   950,000


USD     40,000


USD   990,000

Delivery in previous fiscal years

December 2014 USD 204,974
December 2013
USD 218,598

December 2012

USD 275,942

December 2011

USD 147,410

December 2010

USD 112,454

December 2009

USD     6,046

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