Our Projects

Social Inclusion


  • Social card

    E-social card project aims at enhancing social welfare sector reform by development of a more efficient and effective system of social protection.

  • Antidiscrimination and gender equality

    The project will contribute to the protection, promotion and enforcement of human rights and equal opportunities in Montenegro. It addresses the need for a stronger implementation of the anti-discrimination and gender equality policies and standards and also aims at enhancing the system of protection of human rights of persons deprived of liberty.

  • Continuation of the Social Welfare Reform

    Comprehensive social and child protection system reform is one of the key undertakings of the Government of Montenegro in the on-going EU integration process, where the Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare is the key implementer. The main project objective is that socially vulnerable groups have access to and benefit from a comprehensive, inclusive and sustainable social services

Democratic Governance


  • Support to Montenegro’s EU accession

    The objective of the project is to enhance capacities of the Government of Montenegro and in particular of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and EU Integration to efficiently implement foreign policy priorities and coordinate the overall EU accession negotiations process.

  • Developing local governance capacities

    UNDP supports the ongoing decentralization reform in Montenegro by strengthening the inter-municipal cooperation, municipal assemblies and municipal capacities for effective development of human resources.

  • Montenegro demilitarization

    MONDEM project helps Montenegro safely dispose of surplus ammunition and create a safe, sustainable and rationalized military arsenal.

  • Strengthening capacities of the Ministry of Justice

    UNDP in Montenegro is helping the country with the capacity building of the Ministry of Justice since 2009. The aim is to contribute to the achievement of an efficient, effective and transparent system, which is able to manage and implement its challenging mandate.

  • Increasing citizens engagement

    The project will focus on advancing conditions for enhanced citizens’ participation in: a) policy making by means of electronic petitions and social media; b) curbing grey economy, c) enhancing government’s transparency and accountability by using social media and social innovation.

Economy and Environment


  • Beautiful Cetinje

    The Beautiful Cetinje project supports economic revitalization of the old royal capital of Montenegro, through urban reconstruction of its cultural heritage while making it energy efficient. We also provide vocational trainings, support small businesses and help encourage green design ideas in the overall urban development.

  • Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plan

    UNDP supports the Government of Montenegro in its efforts to achieve better planning, conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity potentials. We provide expert support for the revision of the National Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plan so that they ensure achievement of the set goals.

  • Environmental indicators

    The project aims to develop national capacities to collect and analyze data and information against the metrics of global environmental indicators, and integrate these within national sustainable development and environmental decision-making processes.

  • Strengthening sustainability of protected areas

    UNDP helps develop institutional capacities in Montenegro to design, plan and manage a more representative system of protected areas. The project will assist in mitigating the current biodiversity threats in protected areas, and will aim at extending the protection status by at least 21,000 ha and creating a new Marine Protected Area.

  • Second National Communication on Climate Change

    This project aims to enable Montenegro to prepare, produce and disseminate its Second National Communication (SNC) on Climate Change, under the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change. The SNC will update and strengthen information provided regarding greenhouse gas inventories, climate change mitigation, vulnerability and adaptation.

Human Development