Social Inclusion

  • Social cardSocial cardE-social card project aims at enhancing social welfare sector reform by development of a more efficient and effective system of social protection.

  • Antidiscrimination and gender equalityAntidiscrimination and gender equalityThe project will contribute to the protection, promotion and enforcement of human rights and equal opportunities in Montenegro. It addresses the need for a stronger implementation of the anti-discrimination and gender equality policies and standards and also aims at enhancing the system of protection of human rights of persons deprived of liberty.

  • Continuation of the Social Welfare Reform Continuation of the Social Welfare ReformComprehensive social and child protection system reform is one of the key undertakings of the Government of Montenegro in the on-going EU integration process, where the Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare is the key implementer. The main project objective is that socially vulnerable groups have access to and benefit from a comprehensive, inclusive and sustainable social services


Advancing social inclusion through improved institutional responsiveness and servicing for the most vulnerable, for all men and women to enjoy the quality life and reach their full potential.

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