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One billion rising campaign in Montenegrin Parliament
One billion rising campaign in Montenegrin Parliament

Equality between women and men is not just a goal in itself: it is a precondition for the fulfilment of human rights and human development in general, and of the overall EU objectives in regard to growth, employment and social cohesion, in particular. In Montenegro, women have never had equal conditions for realizing their human rights. Nor did they have the opportunities to contribute to national, political, economic, social and cultural development, and consequently to benefit from those opportunities. Despite the fact that more and more women are highly qualified, and their participation in labor market is increasing, women are still largely outnumbered by men in positions of responsibility in politics and business, particularly at the top level.

Policy and legislative developments in the last few years (National Action Plan for Gender Equality and Law on Gender Equality) are welcome, and have created a solid ground to address these problems. It is now important to ensure that these laws and policies are implemented. This will require not only political will, human and financial capacities and continuous monitoring, but also an institutional and cultural transformation process. That transformation process should include the elimination of gender bias in national development frameworks, as well as the incorporation of gender awareness into broader policies, programs and institutional reforms.

What is the programme about?

The programme aims to improve status of women in terms of their personal integrity, economic advancement and political representation. The specific objective of the programme is to strengthen capacities, improve mechanisms and advance policies. In addition, it aims to improve the conditions for the implementation of the National Action Plan for Gender Equality in three specific components: violence against women and domestic violence; political and economic empowerment of women.

What have we accomplished so far?

In terms of advocating for gender equality, the UNDP Gender Programme, in cooperation with partners marks the following milestones:

Three Advisory Boards – for fight against violence against women; for economic advancement and political representation – were established within the programme in order to meet its advocacy goals and to ensure higher degree of local ownership. Members of Advisory Boards are representatives of the Parliament, Government, local government, NGOs, business sector, media and academia.  

As a result of joint efforts of the Programme and Advisory Boards, 30% of quota for women was introduced in the Election Law, and the Action plan for political empowerment of women has been developed.

The Programme conducted studies that set a basis for sustainable and efficient system for protection of victims of domestic violence, enhanced political participation of women and implementation of specific measures for their economic empowerment.

Based on those studies` recommendations, capacity building programs were designed for professionals working in respective institutions. As a result, 200 police officers and workers of social welfare centers will improve their capacity to implement Protocol on procedures in cases of family violence, 167 politicians from parliamentary political parties strengthened their capacities to advocate on gender equality, and at least 10 local businesses run by women will be opened in municipalities of Cetinje, Kolasin and Mojkovac.

The results mentioned are directly fulfilling the goals set in the National Action Plan for Gender Equality, which has been developed through expert support of the Gender Programme. In parallel, awareness raising campaigns related to family violence are conducted  in order to contribute to the goals of National Action Plan for Gender Equality related to changing stereotypes and better public understanding of gender issues.  

Who finances it?

Donor name

Amount contributed

Delegation of the European Union to Montenegro

USD    920,728


USD    101,500


USD 1,022,228

Delivery in previous fiscal years

December 2012

USD 336,000

December 2011

USD 206,662

Project Overview
Project Start Date:
January 2011
Estimated End Date:
March 2014
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Focus Area:
Social Inclusion/Gender
Project Officer:
Ms. Kaća Đuričković
Tel/fax +382 20 22 55 33, ext. 111
Department for Gender Equality – Ministry for Human and Minority Rights
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