Support to the anti-discrimination and gender equality policies


One billion rising campaign in Montenegrin ParliamentOne billion rising campaign in Podgorica, February 2016

Equality between women and men is not just a goal in itself: it is a precondition for the fulfilment of human rights and human development in general, and of the overall EU objectives in regard to growth, employment and social cohesion, in particular. In Montenegro, women have never had equal conditions for realizing their human rights. Nor did they have the opportunities to contribute to national, political, economic, social and cultural development, and consequently to benefit from those opportunities. Despite the fact that more and more women are highly qualified, and their participation in labor market is increasing, women are still largely outnumbered by men in positions of responsibility in politics and business, particularly at the top level.

This is the continuation of Gender Program IPA 2010, whose overall objective of the project was improved the status of women as reflected in personal integrity, economic advancement and political representation. The specific objectives of the project were - to strengthen capacities, improve mechanisms, advance policies and improve conditions for the implementation of the National Action Plan for Gender Equality in the mentioned areas. External Evaluation has shown that the project succeeded in all the areas, noting that partnerships and interactive approach around this initiative served as strong foundation for success.  The structures, the design and the implementation have been efficient and effective in order to address both the level of the beneficiaries and the overall structures and mechanisms, and the components are considered both relevant and adequate. Continuous coordination, information flow and consultations were enabled through Advisory Boards as permanently organized forums for dialogue on particular issues of concern in the course of Project implementation.

These were good steps in the right direction, but there still remain several procedures and systems to be established at the local and national level to address properly human rights and gender equality concerns.  These issues have been identified as the key ones to be dealt with through the Action “Support to the anti-discrimination and gender equality policies”

What is the project about?

The project will contribute to the protection, promotion and enforcement of human rights and equal opportunities in Montenegro. It addresses the need for a stronger implementation of the anti-discrimination and gender equality policies and standards and also aims at enhancing the system of protection of human rights of persons deprived of liberty.  

The overall Action will contribute to the achievement of two specific results while operationally, it will be implemented through 5 following programmatic components: 1) Anti-discrimination 2) Capacity development support 3) Violence in family 4) Political empowerment of women and 5) Women’s entrepreneurship support.

 An effective anti-discrimination response, which has been defined as first expected result of the Action, requires strong and vibrant institutional mandates and engagements based on knowledge, evidence-based policy-making, participatory and inclusive approaches, as well as accountability and transparency on results. Better understanding and awareness of population will be reached through awareness raising work, while professionals will be provided with tailored capacity development support.

For its second expected result this Action has defined establishment of an efficient and effective system for accomplishment of gender equality and women’s empowerment standards. This has been embedded in the National Action Plan for Gender Equality developed under the scope of Beijing Action Plan and guided with EU Gender Equality frameworks. Gender Program IPA 2010 has built the solid grounds for further developments in the areas of violence in family, political empowerment of women and women’s entrepreneurship.    

What have we accomplished so far?

  • Considering that women remain underrepresented in political life of Montenegro, UNDP, together with partners, continues empowering female members of parliamentary political parties, through advancing their knowledge and skills in the area of gender equality and women`s political activism. Tailored trainings include promoting skills for public speaking and media appearances, with an aim to enhance political engagement of women in the context of the upcoming parliamentary elections and beyond.
  • So far we have implemented 4 sets of three days` seminars for 2 parliamentary parties each, or  more specifically,  for  representatives of their women`s groups. WE also conducted one basic five days training for trainers for women in politics, and one four days` advance training for trainers who had already undergone the basic training through Gender Program IPA 2010.
  • In addition, we have organized the Solemn Academy on the occasion of 70 years since women in Montenegro obtained the voting right, to be held on 28 June in Montenegrin National Theatre. Seventy years of women political activism in Montenegro is presented through historiografic, play drama and documentary program.

Who finances it?

Donor name

Amount contributed

Delegation of the European Union to Montenegro

735,000.00 €


   73,077.2 €

Ministry for Human and Minority Rights

100,000.00 €


908,077.20 €

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