Social welfare and child care system reform: Enhancing social inclusion


Social services for people with disabilities in Niksic
Souvenir production workshop, within the social services for people with disabilities in Niksic. Photo: UNDP in Montenegro/ Mediabox, Milos Vujovic

Strengthening social inclusion of marginalized groups in the Montenegrin society has been recognized as one of the most important priorities on the country’s European path. To support these efforts, UNDP has teamed up with different governmental ministries and bodies, local authorities, international organizations and civil society organizations to develop a joint project “Enhancing Social Inclusion”.

The project aims to support the process of providing services and durable solutions to the most vulnerable and marginalized groups in the country – people with disabilities, the elderly, the underprivileged, families at risk,  etc. – both through nation-wide and local (municipal) level initiatives. 

What is the project about?

Overall objective – to facilitate access of vulnerable, socially excluded groups to comprehensive, inclusive and sustainable family and community based services.

Specific objective to build and strengthen the institutional mechanisms and capacities that will enable development of community-based social services responsive to the needs of vulnerable groups contributing to their social inclusion and quality of life.

What have we accomplished so far?

Main achievements of the project can be divided into 4 categories:

1. Building capacities at the central level to plan, commission and manage decentralization of social services:­      

       - Conducted Needs assessment of the existing social services in three pilot municipalities (Bar, Nikšić, Bijelo Polje); Conducted mapping of social services in the entire country; Conducted institutional, legal and organizational framework analysis for forming of a new mechanism for development of community based social services; Contributed to the process of drafting a new Law on Social and Child Protection and facilitated drafting of a set of by-laws; Developed a draft structure of the new department for development of social services within the Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare;

2. Decentralization and promotion of new and existing social services:

­       - Defined and piloted procedures and criteria for financial support to service providers in 9 municipalities (conducted 3 restricted open calls for financial support to community based social services in total amount of EUR 746,717: 12 social services in 3 pilot municipalities have been supported in the first round and 17 social services in 6 municipalities in the second round and 23 social services in 9 municipalities in the third round); First phase of support to social services recorded 781 beneficiaries in 12 social services; second phase recorded 1,452 beneficiaries in 17 social services, while the third phase recorded 1,953 beneficiaries in 23 social services; Social services mapping in entire Montenegro recorded 8,539 beneficiaries, out of which 17% are beneficiaries of services supported through the project; Developed a user friendly internet portal for exchange of experience between service providers with practical know-how, best practices and guidelines for setting up services.

3. Capacity building of local social service providers:

­       - Organized trainings for local level stakeholders in the field of planning, design, provision and sustainability of social services (19 workshops/seminars organized -  attended by 415 participants); Organized trainings in the field of communication for social services providers in 9 municipalities; Conducted 51 individual consultations with service providers; Organized a study visit to Serbia for 24 representatives of social services providers, Social Welfare Centers, local self-governments and the Union of Municipalities; Organized first regional conference "Ageing and seniority - the quality of life" for 133 participants; Organized 3 national conferences for over 120 participants on the topic of decentralization and draft local plans for development of social service.

4. Local plans for development of social services:

      - Together with the Union of Municipalities, created and distributed to all municipalities Manual for unique procedure for drafting, adoption and implementation of local plans for development of social services; Supported drafting of municipal local plans for development of social services in 15 municipalities (6 plans have been adopted by local parliaments; planning process ongoing in 9 municipalities).

Who finances it?

Donor name

Amount contributed

EU (IPA 2010)

€ 1,180,400


€    118,040


€ 1,298,440

Delivery in previous fiscal years

December 2013 € 436,929

December 2012

€ 420,000

December 2011

€ 239,000

Project Overview
Project Start Date:
January 2011
Estimated End Date:
July 2014
Geographic Coverage:
Focus Area:
Social Inclusion
Project Officer:
Ms. Aleksandra Kiković
Tel. +382 20 22 85 44
Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare, Ministry of Education. UNICEF, Municipalities, Social Welfare Centers, Local Employment Agency offices, Local Red Cross Organizations, Local public institutions, Civil Society Organizations
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