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  • In Montenegro, legal aid services make justice accessible for all

    In Montenegro, the cost of filing a lawsuit is so prohibitive, pursuing justice without assistance is nearly impossible for the average person. The situation is even more precarious for women victims of domestic violence, who may be afraid of revenge from the perpetrator or be unready to discuss and re-live their experience in front of a court of law.

  • Montenegro: Defence reform ushers in greater security

    Lessons learned in Montenegro are being used in other countries in South-eastern Europe (Georgia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia etc), spread through OSCE and UNDP support.

  • Ten years of Capacity Development Programme in Montenegro

    CDP established a reputation for responding with quality, quickly, and inexpensively, to particular demands from the central administration for short-term expertise needed to expedite innovative aspects of public policy, and ensure its efficient and user-friendly delivery.

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