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  • Beautiful CetinjeBeautiful CetinjeJun 30, 2015The challenge of the century for Montenegro is to make resources go further – to do more with less. In order to be competitive economically, in order to create decent jobs and invest in health and education for its citizens, and in order to safeguard the unique natural resources it has been blessed with, Montenegro should aggressively address and cut inefficiencies, invest in clean energy production, local food production and the tourism industry.

  • Flood affected communities taking more active role in emergency situationsFlood affected communities taking more active role in emergency situationsJun 30, 2015The trainings and the equipment are just one element of a wider and more complex story about preparedness for floods. On a broader level, UNDP along with the Sector of Emergency Management has supported 12 hazard prone municipalities in developing Flood Assessments and Preparedness Plans.

  • Making Houses Energy Efficient and LegalMaking Houses Energy Efficient and LegalJun 30, 2015Energy efficiency and illegal housing settlements are not often linked. But since Monte-negro has significant challenges from both, an innovative solution has been to do just that.

  • Tourism Cross-border Project Connects Outdoor Destinations in Montenegro and CroatiaTourism Cross-border Project Connects Outdoor Destinations in Montenegro and CroatiaJun 30, 2015Montenegro and Croatia, both popular tourist destinations, share a narrow land and maritime border. Although tourism and the related services are the main inputs for economic development of the area, there has not been much cross-border cooperation between Croatia and Montenegro over the past decades. Investments in the past to promote the exceptional natural and cultural value of the area have been limited. The region lacks well-trained human resources and has underdeveloped communication and distribution channels.

  • environmentalsecurityenvironmentalsecurityJun 30, 2015Small community, consisting of just a little bit more than eight thousands people living in a post-mining town in the north of Montenegro, has been gradually opening its doors for environmentally friendly development.