Human Development

According to the 2013 Human Development Report, Montenegro ranks 52nd out of 187 countries and territories and is placed in the “high human development” category. Montenegro ranks better than some Western Balkans countries from the “high human development” category, such as Serbia (64), The FYROM Macedonia (78) and Bosnia and Herzegovina (81). At the same time, it is behind most of European Union member states, including Slovenia (ranked at 21), the Czech Republic (28), Estonia (33), Slovakia (35), Hungary (37), Poland (39), Lithuania (41), Latvia (44) and Croatia (47).

Our Goals

UNDP in Montenegro supports national evidence-based policy making through National Human Development Reports. The data, analyses and recommendations of the reports serve to accelerate the overall progress of Montenegro's accession to the European Union.more

Human capital

Human capital represents all population of a country - employed and unemployed, housewives, rich and poor, old and young, and those who are yet to be born. The human capital is also knowledge, skills, health, experience, values, aspirations, innovative and entrepreneurial spirit - everything that makes us productive economically and non-economically.More

Projects and Initiatives

National Human Development Report 2014

Towards a resource efficient economy: Fulfilling Montenegro’s promise as an ecological state more

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National Human Development Report
NHDR 2013

The latest Report for Montenegro examines the state of country’s human capital (who are we?) and tries to respond to what it takes to succeed in the 21st century (where are we going?).

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