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Towards social inclusion in Ĺ avnik: Montenegro’s forgotten region

The number of old, lonely and ill people unable to meet their own basic needs continues to grow in rural areas of Montenegro, some of which not connected by any sort of organized transport. Social exclusion has been recognized by the Government of Montenegro as one of major societal challenges, and more


Do children of street sex workers in Montenegro know about Santa?

Montenegro is not an open or easy place for sex workers. Their way of earning for a living is still penalized and often they are victims of violence. Many are migrants not entitled to social or health care. According to the latest survey conducted by the National Institute of Public Health and the nmore


Controlling tuberculosis in Montenegro

How do you go on when you’re constantly isolated from your loved ones; when you lose your job, your friends, and face discrimination on a daily basis within your community? These are some of the questions which numerous individuals infected with tuberculosis (TB) ponder even today - 127 years followmore

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