Towards green transportation in the capital

Nov 18, 2013

Two bicycle routes in Podgorica are highlighted green.

Did you know that with 20km/h average speed while riding your bicycle through the city - you will reach a final destination at the same time as by car, but you will save money and you'll not pollute the environment at all?!

Decision makers from the Capital City of Podgorica are certainly making steps towards greening transport and giving more space to cyclists. They are doing it in cooperation with the association of cyclists "" and with the support of UNDP Montenegro.

The first step happened on 22 September, on the European Car Free Day when cyclists gathered to ride along future priority bicycle routes in Podgorica. Around 300 cyclists biked together, showing how a 10 minutes ride can indeed increase endorphin levels!

The second step is happening now, as we speak. Within the Second National Communication report project, as a part of its component for mitigation in transport, the City of Podgorica is working with the same partners on the development of a conceptual design for two city bicycle routes.

The first bicycle route will go along Mihailo Lalić and Svetog Petra Cetinjskog Boulevards, and the second one along the Montenegrin army officers Street,  the Revolution Boulevard and the George Washington Boulevard.

A company for development of the conceptual design has been contracted and a working team established to provide support and to review and comment the design. In collaboration with project designers, the working team is making efforts to get to the most efficient possible solution. The municipality of Podgorica is expected to have the designs to be ready by the end of 2013.

Once built, these paths will increase the safety of cyclists in the city center. Also, the paths will become a basis for further planning and building of a cycling routes network in the Capital that can be replicated in the other Montenegrin municipalities, too.

Written by: Sandra Arovic, GIS Trainer, UNDP in Montenegro

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