Be Responsible. It’s up to you. Grey economy 0%

Dec 20, 2013

By Jovana Biga for

The campaign "Be Responsible. It’s up to you. Grey economy 0%" was launched at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering in Podgorica by inviting the citizens of Montenegro to report fiscal receipt abuse, black market labor or violation of consumers' rights, as well as to redirect the money from informal economy towards social responsibility purposes.

The campaign aims to encourage citizens to identify irregularities in the domain of grey economy in a fast and simple way, and to help state authorities to more effectively cope with this negative social phenomenon - via mobile and web applications "Be responsible", or through call centers of the Inspection Directorate (080 555 555) and Tax Administration Authority (19707).

"The application 'Be responsible' has been ranked among the top seven global solutions in the field of social innovation at the recent Open Government Partnership Summit in London," said Prof. Dr. Zoran Veljović, Dean of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering. He stressed the importance of practical application of modern academic knowledge for social good.

Following the decision of the Government, Minister of Finance Dr. Radoje Žugić emphasized in his introductory remarks that half of the amount generated by imposed fines will be invested in socially useful actions, while citizens themselves will decide on the final allocation of this social investment. "Acting on citizens' complaints since late July, when the Government adopted this project, the two Authorities have handed down fines totaling 60,570 euros," said Minister Žugić. He concluded that over 30,000 euros have already been collected in this way, and they will be redirected from the grey zone to socially responsible purposes.

UN Resident Coordinator and UNDP Resident Representative to Montenegro Mr. Rastislav Vrbensky underscored the importance of the fight against grey economy through cooperation between public, private and civil sectors, as well as through active participation of citizens." If we as individuals do not react to those who cheat, bypass the law and go in the grey direction, then everybody suffers from negative consequences," Mr. Vrbensky said.

Mr. Nikola Bulatović and Mr. Stefan Vujović, members of the Creative Team of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering who created the "Be Responsible" application, held a presentation to showcase the procedure for reporting irregularities by citizens in three possible ways: through a mobile app, a website, and by contacting call centers of the Inspection Directorate 080 555 555 (free calls for users of all networks) and Tax Administration Authority 19707 (free calls for users of fixed telephony).

Organizers of the event have urged citizens to use Facebook and Twitter, as well as call centers, to submit proposals by December 31st for a one-off, sustainable investment value of up to 50,000 euros, such as procurement of deficient medical equipment, renovation / furnishing of children's institutions or nursing homes, or support to persons with disabilities.

The event has been organized by the Faculty of Electrical Engineering of the University of Montenegro, Ministry of Finance and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in Montenegro.

Be responsible and get involved!

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