The role of green economy in Montenegro’s development

Nov 28, 2014

Green economy is in the spotlight of modern development because it triggers economic, social and environmental aspect of global growth. These and many other topics related to sustainable development were in the focus of the conference “Development of Green Economy”, which was organized by NGO Fors Montenegro and supported by UNDP, EU Delegation and Ministry of Sustainable Development and Tourism of Montenegro. On this occasion, UNDP programme manager Nikola Perovic delivered two presentations: one in the field of sustainable tourism and one related to eco-certification as a response to global climate change. He emphasized that modern tourism is characterized by market fragmentation, international specialization, as well as by the growth of eco-tourism and other forms of active tourism. It was also pointed out that sustainable tourism is a form of “smart” business due to the increase in number of tourists who are looking for eco-friendly destinations, and having in mind that the growth of global eco-tourism demand is 20% annually, according to UNEP Green Economy Report (2011)

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