Montenegro evolves into a modern diplomacy hub

Jul 10, 2015

The Summer School for Young Diplomats “Gavro Vukovic” puts Montenegro on the global diplomacy map for the eight year in a row now! With a network of almost 300 young diplomats and lecturers from more than 50 countries who participated at the summer school, Montenegro gradually evolves into a world renowned hub of modern diplomacy.

The School is a result of the continuous commitment and partnership of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Integration, UNDP and its Capacity Development Programme. This year, young diplomats were proudly hosted by the Municipality of Berane and the Old Royal Capital Cetinje.

The 8th Summer School for Young Diplomats was devoted to the global security challenges. The opportunity to address and discuss the principles of modern diplomacy in different contexts is very timely given the importance of managing change in fast-paced international politics. Diplomacy, similar to security, does not exist in a vacuum. It is influenced by a continual process of change. As the world changes so does diplomacy. The scope of global security challenges ranges from traditional defence and conflict issues to wider questions, such as competition for resources, climate change, migration, political and religious extremism. It seems that traditional diplomacy needs to swiftly adapt in order to adequately respond to a vast array of emerging issues. Hence, effective foreign affairs institutions are acquiring new, indispensable role in ensuring and maintaining security.

This was reiterated at the opening of this year’s school: “In modern times, diplomacy is the strongest mechanism for overcoming the challenges that we, as a society, encounter on a daily basis. All the challenges and risks we are facing today must be addressed through a combination of fresh perspective and comprehensive approach, new methods and international political tools, courage and vision. A modern, efficient, creative and free diplomacy plays a very important role in achieving these goals,” said Vladimir Radulović, State Secretary for Political Affairs at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Integration.

The issues of human security are high on the agenda of UNDP. Sanja Bojanić, Democratic Governance & Economy and Environment Team Leader, UNDP in Montenegro noted that human security isn’t just about the absence of violence. “For us in UNDP, human security is of particular importance, since only people-centred security policies can support development. Human security is about the protection of people’s fundamental freedoms and it encompasses governance, effective health care and education, all of which improve people’s lives. UN agencies around the world work to ensure that this concept turns into a sustainable practice.”

Dragoslav Šćekić, Mayor of Berane, expressed that he was honoured and delighted because the Municipality of Berane is one of the hosts of such an important event. He encouraged young diplomats to take on the important role of upholding the world stability: „I'm deeply convinced that the young diplomats will, thanks to the skills and knowledge attainted during this school, be able to deal with future challenges with patience, diplomatic confidence and relentlessness.“

The Summer School for Young Diplomats „Gavro Vuković“ boasts with the fact that it was acclaimed by eminent representatives of international diplomacy, including Ban Ki-moon, Secretary General of the United Nations, Barack Obama, President of the United States, Hillary Clinton, former U.S. Secretary and Ministers of Foreign Affairs of Canada, Italy and Austria among others.

The School also pays tribute to Montenegrin history and tradition, as it bears the name of Duke Gavro Vuković, the founding father of Montenegrin Diplomacy, who was the founder of the Montenegrin’s first official diplomatic practice and minister of foreign affairs from 1899 to 1905. This gathering proved to be an extraordinary opportunity for young diplomats to get to know the history, culture, and foreign policy priorities of participating countries, as well as to establish friendships and build frameworks for future cooperation.

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