Economy and environment

Sustainable tourism

In Montenegro, more than 60 percent of people living in poverty reside in the north of the country, where unemployment is double that of central and southern regions. This despite the fact that the north is home to 100 percent of the country’s hydroelectric potential, 67 percent of cultivable land, 71 percent of forests, 70 percent of cattle, all of the country’s known lead, zinc and coal reserves, and significant potential for year-around sustainable tourism (already accounting for some 17 percent of the region’s GDP).

Our Goals

Advancing market transformation toward low emissions, a resource efficient economy, resilient ecosystems and communities. The intention is to create green jobs, generate and conserve income, reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and dependence on energy imports.


The number of people who are now protected from recurring floods in the Rioni River Basin, Georgia. Our action has inspired the government to create a nationwide, early warning system.

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