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UNDP launches Don’t Choose Extinction campaign

UNDP launches new Don’t Choose Extinction campaign to raise awareness of the detrimental effects of fossil fuel subsidies on people and planet.  

Half of the citizens believe that full gender equality is impossible to achieve

Every other citizen believes that women and men are different to the extent that it makes it impossible to fully achieve gender equality. Also, half of the citizens believe that the employer has the…  

World Environment Day marked

More than 70 people participated in cleaning waste on the beaches, in the sea, and coast in the Bay of Kotor today. The action was organized by the Ministry of Ecology on the occasion of marking…  

Exercising rights in a simpler and more equitable way: A single body to replace more than 30 disability expert assessment commissions

A new system for determining disability will be established in Montenegro. It will include the establishment of a single body – the Institute for Determining Disability – as well as a single…  

Cooperation between NGOs and local self-governments for a more active and open community

The needs of citizens and the local communities will be the focus of cooperation and joint action of local self-governments and non-governmental organizations in the ReLOaD2.  

A new platform for tracking medical equipment stock

The Ministry of Health and 33 health institutions of Montenegro have recently become connected by a single system, which allows them to monitor the medical and protective equipment stock, as well as…  

Montenegrin economy and agriculture to receive 100,000 euros to co-finance energy efficiency and renewable energy projects

A total of 100,000 euros is made available to the Montenegrin economy and agriculture to co-finance projects that encourage the improvement of energy efficiency and the use of renewable energy sources…  

The Donate Blood application to contribute to saving lives

Voluntary blood donations during these two years have been decreasing, and the Donate Blood application will significantly help the Blood Transfusion Institute to achieve its mission – to save lives…  

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