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Assessment of the Impact of COVID-19 on the Business Sector and the Growth Prospects of the Montenegrin Economy

To gauge the magnitude and speed of the economic downturn, UNDP in Montenegro joined forces with partners to assess the ramifications. The report analyses the impact of the coronavirus epidemic on…  

Results of the innovation challenge: Transforming old military complex into a creative hub

We received 26 competition entries from 110 architects from 17 countries: Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Canada, Croatia, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iran, Italy, Macedonia, Montenegro, Nigeria,…  

Turning fortress into a creative hub

We received 18 competition entries from over 60 architects clustered in teams, coming from Montenegro, Serbia, Macedonia and Austria. The jury, professionals from different fields of architectural…  

A part of EU-donated medical equipment arrives to Montenegro

Montenegro has received a new shipment of medical equipment donated by the EU under the 3 million euro support package, and procured by the UNDP. The shipment consists of 14 medical ventilators and a…  

Dialogue for the future: Results of the project proposals evaluation

A total of 19 cross-border projects that will be awarded grants...  

Open call for NGOs: Boosting protection of victims of violence

Your opportunity to make a change! Submit a project proposal to support victims of violence.  

Mobile app Be Safe: One click for SOS

Mobile phone app “Be Safe“ enables victims of violence to reach help at just one click. A message with the phone number and geolocation is received by the National SOS Helpline for victims of domestic…  

Earth Day 50th Anniversary

Montenegro has already pledged to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by 30% by 2030 compared to the 1990 base year. The country will revise its Nationally Determined Contributions by the end of 2020…  

Pandemic reshaping social services for the elderly

The lockdown not only prevented the elderly from doing the daily chores, but also constrained many families from helping their senior members due to the travel ban between the cities.  

ReLOaD: how to respond positively to the challenges

Partners of ReLOad programme have also responded to the new reality, by finding new creative solutions to achieve the goals of their projects.  

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