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National Human Development Report 2005: Diversities - potential for development

National Human Developoment Report 2005

Jun 19, 2013

This report is an attempt to use in operational terms the idea of diversity as a development resource. Its key message is simple: future coherent Montenegrin identity is feasible, not to the account of, but due to the existing diversity. The protection and strengthening of the existing nature of the Montenegrin society, based on diversity, is a necessary precondition for the sustainable human development.


  • The HDI for 2004 in Montenegro was 0.799, which is slightly higher than in 1991 (at the beginning of the transition process and political crisis in the region).
  • Over time, average life expectancy has slightly decreased (from 75.2 to 73.1 years) but adult literacy rates have increased to 97.5 percent.
  • Unless Montenegro has clear and precise social and national (subjective) goals explaining the position of different cultures, especially national minorities, it will be much more difficult to develop clear and responsible relations with other countries and develop an appropriate system of integration with our neighbours in the Balkans, in Europe or elsewhere.

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