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National Human Development Report

National Human Development Report 2014

Nov 5, 2014

The report explains what it takes for Montenegro to reach a resource-efficient, greener and more competitive economy as per Europe 2020 with a strong positive and sustainable human development impact and it is a result of the analytical efforts to define a resource-efficient development agenda on the basis of the potentials, existing obstacles and limitations. The Report contains the proposal of policies and actions necessary to achieve the shift to a more resource-efficient, greener and more competitive economy that would be fully harmonized with the key priorities of the European Union and that would be fully in the function of promoting human development.

We hope this report will inspire decision makers in Montenegro on the way forward to shape a common response in terms of translating its findings into concrete action while contributing to a real change on the ground.


  • The report introduces for the first time in Montenegro the Domestic Material Consumption (DMC) indicator and elaborates a number of possible scenarios related to different policy options.
  • The report takes a novel approach and applies the idea of the “Affordable Human Development Index (AHDI)” to the country context.
  • Analysis of national policies concludes that the concept of the circular economy is far from being implemented in Montenegro, and that the efficient use of resources has not been directly integrated into Montenegrin policies and regulations.
  • The report proposes to the Government a Roadmap to a resource efficient Montenegro as the framework for action.

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