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Study on family violence and violence against women in Montenegro

Study on family violence and violence against women

May 3, 2013

The study draws attention to perceptions, intensity and forms of family violence and violence against women in Montenegro. The aim of the research was to offer constructive proposals for better understanding of this phenomenon, and to offer recommendations for an efficient response of all actors in the process of providing assistance, support and protection to victims. Also, the study serves as valuable source of information in implementing activities for achieving sustainable and efficient protection mechanisms for victims and measures against family violence.


  • 91.7 % of Montenegrins believe domestic violence is omnipresent in the country. However, every fourth person holds the victim responsible.
  • Only 13% of respondents were willing to admit a personal experience with domestic violence.
  • While 38% of respondents knew someone who was a victim of domestic violence, only every third expressed willingness to report such acts to the authorities.

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