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  • Oct 24, 2017

    “Sailing is poetry in motion and the great grandfather of energy efficiency” says Antonije Pušić alias Rambo Amadeus. Widely known as an unconventional musician and a multi-disciplinary artist, Rambo is also famous for being environmentally conscious, before it became ‘mainstream’.

  • CDP established a reputation for responding with quality, quickly, and inexpensively, to particular demands from the central administration for short-term expertise needed to expedite innovative aspects of public policy, and ensure its efficient and user-friendly delivery.

  • Montenegro and Croatia, both popular tourist destinations, share a narrow land and maritime border. Although tourism and the related services are the main inputs for economic development of the area, there has not been much cross-border cooperation between Croatia and Montenegro over the past decades. Investments in the past to promote the exceptional natural and cultural value of the area have been limited. The region lacks well-trained human resources and has underdeveloped communication and distribution channels.

  • Jan 22, 2013

    The number of old, lonely and ill people unable to meet their own basic needs continues to grow in rural areas of Montenegro, some of which not connected by any sort of organized transport. Social exclusion has been recognized by the Government of Montenegro as one of major societal challenges, and its eradication has been made one of key priorities.

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