First prize: Design team under code M02062017

International competition for the architectural design to repurpose the former military facility “Cerovo” in Bijelo Polje

We are happy to announce the results of our competition for the best urban and architectural solution for the adaptive reuse of the “Cerovo” military complex:

We received 26 competition entries submitted by 110 architects from 17 countries: Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Canada, Croatia, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iran, Italy, Macedonia, Montenegro, Nigeria, Serbia, Singapore, Sweden, UK and USA. The expert jury selected five solutions that will share three awards to reuse of the “Cerovo” military complex with the purpose of establishing the Centre for the development of creative industries (hub) in Bijelo Polje, Montenegro.



Innovative architectural-urbanistic solution prepared by the design team under code M02062017: Andrea Michelini, Davide Cappochin, Jacopo Berlendis, Roberto Franchini, Giacomo Gola, Amarda Velcani, Rade Batinica, Alberto Gasparini, Mauro Baessato, Alessandro Bonaventura, Milic Čurović, Željka Čurović, Lela Redžepagić, Sebastiano Fatutto from Italy, Albania and Montenegro, is awarded with the first prize in the amount of  US$ 30,000.

This conceptual design is inspired by traditional and contemporary heritage, generating a vibrant mixed-use destination. It celebrates the arts and brings the original and challenging artwork to a diverse audience, providing a career-making platform for artists from around the world.

Cerovo complex is designed to merge several different concepts, which may appear to be contrasting but they actually complement each other. These combinations are: urban-nature, traditional-modern, technologically cutting edge – ecologically sustainable. The buildings are organized like an ancient village, and those reveal themselves slowly, as the visitors walk, they can discover new facilities and activities. The area will present itself as a true factory of creative activities related to different disciplines and arts.

This solution of the Creative Hub has been developed to act as a driver for achieving the Sustainable Development Goals.

Second prize: Code 219D711



Innovative preliminary urban and architectural solution prepared by the design team under code 219D711: Authors - Ivana Dobrković, Sanja Paunović Žarić, Milan Radulović; Technical support - Dejan Folić, Miodrag Govedarica; Visualization - Milan Radulović; Animation - Milan Radulović, and Miloš Popović; Phases and approximate investment estimation - Stevan Milošević, and Innovative architectural-urbanistic solution prepared by the team of authors/architects under code '12#: Slobodan Petrovic, Milica Puric and Luka Papan from Montenegro, are awarded and will share the second prize in the amount of US$ 12,000.

Second prize - Code: '12#




Innovative architectural-urbanistic solution prepared by the team of authors/ architects under code 1311M1610T: Mia-Martina Hren and Tomislav Konjevod, from Croatia and Innovative architectural-urbanistic solution prepared by the design team under code B4MS5+: Ivana Barišić, Matija Vuković, Anja Trtić, Filip Krgović, Katarina Bulajić, Marija Ćaćić, from Montenegro, Bosnia & Herzegovina and USA, are awarded and will share  the third prize in the amount of US$ 6,000.

Third prize: code 1311M1610T

Third prize: code B4MS5+

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