Your opportunity to make a change! Submit a project proposal to support victims of violence.  

We invite women’s CSOs, networks and platforms – all specialized service providers to apply for small grants and submit proposals to support victims of violence. Applicants will form partnerships with relevant institutions and help enhance efficiency of multi-sectoral approach to better respond to the needs of victims of violence.

This Open Call for Proposals is carried out within the regional Programme ¨Ending Violence against Women: Implementing Norms, Changing Minds¨, funded by the European Union and implemented by UN Women and UNDP.

The purpose of this grant scheme is to help strengthen the civil society organizations and institutional cooperation to step up the response against violence. The proposals should focus on:

1. Monitoring, reporting on progress and advocating for steadfast implementation of two strategic treaties, known as the Istanbul Convention and the CEDAW Convention.  

2. Providing specialist support services for victims of all forms of violence. Services should be fully aligned with the standards enshrined in these two conventions and seek to particularly address the needs of women from minority and disadvantaged groups.

3. Addressing gender inequalities compounded by the COVID19 pandemic and an increasing risk of gender-based violence.


  • Deadline for submission of competition entries is 25 May 2020, until 16:00h.
  • Deadline for submission of questions is 20 April 2020.
  • Results of the Open Call for Proposals will be published on UNDP website on 20th of June 2020 the latest.

Who can apply:

Primarily, the grant scheme is intended for: Women’s CSOs, networks and platforms which have:

  • specialized knowledge, expertise and track record of working in the area of women’s human rights and fight against violence against women.
  • track record in monitoring international human rights treaties and conventions, and more specifically the Istanbul Convention.
  • outreach to women from disadvantaged groups and track record in improving the position of Roma women in Montenegro.

Evaluation process and criteria: The Evaluation committee will be composed of representatives of UNDP, Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare, Ministry of Human and Minority Rights and the Delegation of the European Union to Montenegro.

Evaluation criteria:

Proposals passing the eligibility criteria will be scored against the following:

1.      Relevance of the proposal (30 points): quality of the context analysis and assessment;

2.      Implementation strategies (30 points): Soundness of strategy, proposed activities, and expected results against the problem analysis in designing the project;

3.      Budget Proposal (20 points); and

4.      Applicants’ institutional capacity and relevant experience (20 points)

Minimum score to be eligible is 70 points.

For more details and to download relevant documentation, please visit the procurement page.

Contacts:  Requests for clarifications can be sent by email to:



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