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The 4th Western Balkan (WB6) Digital Summit - open registration

Registration for 4th Digital Summit of Western Balkan Economies (WB6) is open. Register now!  

Local governments clusters to participate in ReLOaD2 selected

Local governments clusters to participate in ReLOaD2 selected.  

E-Firm: A click away from founding a company

Since recently, it is possible to found a company using the electronic services of the e-Firm portal, which led to a significant reduction of time required for registration, fewer procedures and…  

Montenegro increases climate ambition: Cut emissions by 35% within a decade

UNDP congratulates the Government of Montenegro on its commitment to decreasing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 35% below 1990 levels, by 2030 - aiming for decarbonization which implies…  

XIV "Gavro Vuković" Summer School for Young Diplomats opened: Strengthening trust and cooperation for shaping a secure and prosperous future

The fourteenth iteration of the "Gavro Vuković" Summer School for Young Diplomats, which the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has been organizing since 2008, entitled "Strengthening Trust and Cooperation…  

Online enrollment of university students to begin soon

Almost all faculties of the University of Montenegro (UoM) will allow online enrolment of first-year students this year. Quick and easy enrollment in the study program of one's choice will be made…  

Half of the citizens believe that full gender equality is impossible to achieve

Every other citizen believes that women and men are different to the extent that it makes it impossible to fully achieve gender equality. Also, half of the citizens believe that the employer has the…  

World Environment Day marked

More than 70 people participated in cleaning waste on the beaches, in the sea, and coast in the Bay of Kotor today. The action was organized by the Ministry of Ecology on the occasion of marking…  

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