From its citizens to law enforcement, Montenegro united in destroying its ammunition

Oct 20, 2017

Citizens, the Police and the Ministry of Interior of Montenegro united to destroy 21,412 pieces of ammunition on 22 September in an event funded by the European Union and facilitated by SEESAC.

Large amounts of surplus ammunition currently stored in South East Europe pose a major threat to public safety when inadequately stored. Without secure storage, ammunition can be stolen and then trafficked or used for other criminal purposes. Destruction reduces both dangers considerably. SEESAC has facilitated the destruction of ammunition in South East Europe, with 49,064 pieces disposed of since 2014.

On 22 September, the Ministry of Interior of Montenegro destroyed 21,412 pieces of ammunition in an event funded by the European Union and facilitated by SEESAC. The ammunition destruction resulted from a joint action of Montenegrin authorities who confiscated illegally possessed weapons and its citizens who voluntarily surrendered 1,079 SALW, 160 mines and explosive devices, 623 weapon parts and 15,266 bullets during the `Respect life, Return Weapons` campaign.

The destruction event in Montenegro is also a product of the combined action of the international community to improve the security of the country and the region. The European Union and SEESAC are working together within the framework of EU COUNCIL DECISION (CFSP) 2016/2356 to diminish the risks posed by SALW and ammunition in South East Europe. The “Respect life, Return Weapons” campaign, funded by the EU and the German Embassy, was also supported by UNDP Montenegro, OSCE Mission to Montenegro, and civil society organization Centre for Democratic Transition (CDT).

Since the beginning of the year Montenegro, has destroyed 36,197 pieces of ammunition, 926 SALW and 128 of their parts and components, for safer communities and a safer region.

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