International Conference on Low Carbon Tourism

Sep 28, 2015

It is our great pleasure to announce the International Conference on Low Carbon Tourism to be held on 9-10 October 2015 in Hotel Maestral in Budva, Montenegro. The Conference is organized by the Centre for Sustainable Development/UNDP in cooperation with the Ministry on Sustainable Development and Tourism, Government of Montenegro.

The Conference will be an opportunity to promote low carbon tourism, analyze the challenges of modern business and economic growth in the context of reducing CO2 emissions, exchange knowledge and experiences and discuss best practices. The Conference will bring together national and international leaders from business, government, technology and finance, policy‐makers, researchers, international organizations and members of civil society for knowledge sharing and commercial interaction about how to manage the challenges and grasp new opportunities in a low carbon world.

Contact information

Radica Zekovic Nikolic, PR/Project Coordinator/ Towards Carbon Neutral Tourism in Montenegro, Centre for Sustainable Development
Tel: +382 20 22 30 39, ext 107
Mob: +382 69 90 00 00


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