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Podgorica, July 28, 2020 – The fourth shipment of medical equipment containing 86 medical ventilators and more than 235,000 pieces of personal protective equipment for the needs of the health system has been delivered to Montenegro. The donation is part of the European Union’s project worth a total of 3 million euros, implemented by UNDP in Montenegro, as the emergency support to Montenegro in its fight against Covid-19. Since the beginning of the project, from April until today, a total of 100 hospital ventilators, ten modern X-ray devices and more than 400,000 pieces of personal protective equipment, including surgical masks, gloves, caps, protective clothing, aprons, glasses, shoe covers, etc. have been delivered.

On the occasion of the equipment handover, Head of the EU Delegation to Montenegro, ambassador Aivo Orav emphasised that the donation arrived at the right moment when Montenegro is facing the second wave of the epidemic. “The medical ventilators will significantly increase the capacity of the Montenegrin health system to save the lives of the most critically ill patients. However, I sincerely hope you will not need to use of all of them.” Ambassador Orav reminded that the EU had provided 50 million euros as long-term support to the health system, economic recovery, entrepreneurship and business, as well as other sectors affected by the crisis. “We have also made available an additional 60 million euros in highly favourable loans to support the economic stability of the country. In addition, we intend to build two new clinics within the Clinical Centre of Montenegro – for infectious diseases and dermatovenerology. The extent of our support to Montenegro, in times when all EU member states are affected by the coronavirus crisis, is a clear proof of the sincerity and strength of our partnership. “Montenegro can count on the support of the EU and its citizens, in good times and bad times!” Orav concluded.

Deputy Prime Minister Milutin Simovic said that, like many countries, Montenegro fights against the challenges posed by the Covid-19 epidemic. “Our belief in ultimate success is based on the shared responsibility and contribution of all – from competent institutions to each individual who follows the measures. Our optimism has been further strengthened thanks to the strong support, solidarity and partnership with our ally and friend – the European Union, which donated an additional 86 medical ventilators and 235,000 pieces of protective equipment. This is the support of a united, strong and determined Europe and all its citizens who perceive Montenegro as their friend and future member,” said DPM Simovic. The Deputy Prime Minister has also expressed his belief that this valuable support will be an additional motivation for enhancing responsibility, the sense of unity and respect for the measures that have been adopted for the benefit of the health of all citizens. “We have already demonstrated that we can overcome this challenge. Let us do it again,” Simovic said while thanking the EU Delegation to Montenegro, Ambassador Orav and the UNDP Country Office for implementing this project.

Miodrag Dragisic, Assistant UNDP Resident Representative to Montenegro, pointed out that no matter how much the pandemic shattered the entire world, it also revealed the importance of the spirit of unity and joint action to overcome the challenges and mitigate the adverse effects. “Today’s event is a proof of this. The fourth delivery of medical equipment is at the same time a confirmation of solidarity and a strong partnership between the Delegation of the European Union, the Government of Montenegro and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP). He added that this is just a part of the ongoing support that UNDP provides to Montenegro in response to the epidemic. “We will pay special attention to the long-term strengthening of the health system, through digitalisation, in order to ensure the highest quality healthcare for the citizens and enable the healthcare workers to provide services in a faster and more efficient manner.” In addition to this, UNDP will continue providing support for the socio-economic recovery that is ahead of us, primarily driven by the human development approach, especially when it comes to the most vulnerable categories of the society,” Dragisic said.

The Head of the Crisis Medical Team, Dr Ranko Lazovic, thanked the EU Delegation for the donation and reminded that 86 medical ventilators that had just been delivered, in addition to the 14 previously delivered make up a total of 100 ventilators donated by the EU to Montenegro. “To date, the Montenegrin health system has 322 ventilators, which is more than enough for the most complex scenario, which, we believe, will not happen. These are the state-of-the-art devices with technical performance characteristic of the best European brands”, pointed out Dr Lazovic, confirming that the donation of these medical ventilators will adequately supply the health system in the most critical segment of equipment necessary to fight COVID 19. “As a final point, I want to emphasise that in all this, we need the help of our citizens, in terms of their self-discipline, personal responsibility and the use of personal protective equipment,” Lazovic concluded.

The Delegation of the European Union and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in Montenegro signed a contract for procuring necessary medical equipment and personal protective equipment for the health system worth a total of 3 million euros in early April. The contract is financed from the EU funds, while the procurement is carried out by UNDP in close cooperation with the competent institutions.

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