UNDP CO Montenegro procures goods and services through competitive processes, emphasizing the highest image and reputation of the organization. We focus on transparency, best value for money and effective competition.

All our tenders are published on UNDP web-site.

For procurement of less then 1,000 USD we use direct shopping. For procurement of a value between 1,000 USD and 10,000 USD we organize informal market research with the scope to obtain 3 offers. For procurement of more than USD 100,000, an international competitive bidding process is undertaken with publication on our website, as well as on the UNDP global website (, UN Global Market ( websites and selected publications, as relevant.

The following methods are used for the procurement of goods and services:

  • Call for Proposal (CFP) - Written communication by a supplier to provide information about its products, resources, qualifications and experience, in response to a particular Call for Proposal.
  • Request for Quotation (RFQ) - Less formal solicitation; value below USD 100,000 but above USD 10,000; standard specifications; product readily available on the market
  • Invitation to Bid (ITB) - Formal solicitation, mainly for goods; value of more than USD 100,000; lowest price compliancy and technical competency are determining factors
  • Request for Proposal (RFP) - Formal solicitation, mainly for services; value of more than USD 10,000; where the desired inputs and/or outputs cannot be quantitatively and qualitatively expressed in sufficient details at the time the invitation is made (i.e., where consulting or similar services or complex goods are sought by the Business Unit).

Recruitment of consultants is done through a modified RFP procedure.  All candidates are sending their CVs on the basis of which UNDP does short-listing. Short –listed consultants are obliged to submit financial proposal. The best consultant is selected through the cumulative procurement principle that takes into account both technical offer and the offered price.

UNDP Policy against Fraud and other Corrupt Practices

More on UNDP Procurement procedures


Procurement notices


Procurement notices


Procurement notices


List of contract awards 2020 (above US$ 100,000)

Short Description (Title) of Procurement Action

Vendor Name

Amount of Contract, US$

DC Procurement of the Software for the Institute for Enforcement of Criminal Sanctions (IECS)

Prozone, SRB


RFP 07-20 Development of Local Revenues Administration Integrated System (LARIS)

E Smart, SRB


ITB 16-20 Mobile Digital X-RAY Device-COVID-19

Farmalab, MNE


RFP 11-20 Design of Dyke Reconstruction On Bojana River

Cestra,   SRB


ITB 13-20 Reconstruction Works on the Museum in Bijelo Polje

Program, MNE


ITB 20-20 Procurement of IT Equipment for IS CCM

Cikom, MNE


RFQ 23-20 Procurement of medical supplies-COVID-19

Glosarij, Interpharm, PDG, MNE


RFP 28-20 Decontamination of PCB Contaminated Transformers – Montenegro

Rade Koncar, MKD


RFP 29-20 Detailed Design for Bridges Reconstruction In Downstream Gracanica River

Gradjevinski nadzor i labaratorijska ispitivanja, MNE


RFP 30-20Disposal of PCB Contaminated Wastes and Soil –Montenegro

Miteco, SRB


List of contract awards 2019 (above US$ 100,000)

Short Description (Title) of Procurement Action

Vendor Name

Amount of Contract, US$

ITB 05-19 Reconstruction of the Ganic Tower – Rozaje

Fidija, MNE


ITB 08-19 Renovation of Municipal Building of the Heritage Museum in Danilovgrad

Refena, MNE


RFP 22-19 Development of Information System for Clinical Centre

Heliant, SRB


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