Strengthening capacities of Danilovgrad Municipality


Municipality of Danilovgrad, as a local self-government unit, aims at ensuring better conditions for efficient and effective community level functioning. They do so by enhancing citizen participation, improving efficiency of the local government's performance and the quality of social, health, educational and other services that support community life. UNDP and the Municipality of Danilovgrad joined their forces to boost local capacities for provision of public services to the citizens and further social and economic development of the town.


The overall project objective is to support inclusive social and economic development of the municipality of Danilovgrad by creating favorable environment and infrastructural conditions that can meet the needs of all citizens. Strengthened institutional mechanisms and capacities of public services providers would set conditions for access to proper, comprehensive and sustainable services for all citizens, both in urban and rural areas.


Component 1: Development and improvement of the capacities for adequate provision of public (e.g. social, health, education) services to the citizens will be addressed through following activities:

Ø  Developing new or improving the existing capacities for provision of high-quality services and enhancing coverage of citizens with public services;

Ø  Improving local level capacities to plan, manage development and provide public services.

Component 2: Improvement of the local infrastructure (e.g. roads and utilities) and public spaces in order to enhance economic and social life of the community will be addressed through following activities:

Ø  Developing new and improving the existing local infrastructure and public spaces in the municipality of Danilovgrad, among other things, through construction, reconstruction and revitalization of roads, utilities, cultural, educational and sports sites and facilities.

Expected results:

·         Developed new or improved the existing capacities for a higher-quality provision and enhanced coverage of citizens with public services.

·         Strengthened professional capacities of the local self-government and other public services providers for planning, development management and provision of public services.

·         Developed new and improved the existing local infrastructure and public spaces in the municipality of Danilovgrad, through construction, reconstruction, adaptation, refurbishment and equipping projects.

So far, works on renovation/adaptation and necessary equipping of the Heritage Museum in municipality of Danilovgrad are expected to commence in April 2019. 



Project start date:

November 2018

Estimated end date:

December 2021

Focus area:

  • accelerate structural transformations
  • Project office:

    UNDP in Montenegro

    Implementing partner:

    United Nations Development Programme

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  • Goverment Of Montenegro
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    2019 $134,046

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